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Chef Mavro – brief comment about buying ahi sashimi

July 26, 2009
Ahi comes in many grades and prices

Ahi comes in many grades and prices

Sashimi grade bigeye ahi (tuna) priced from 9.50 to 21.50 for fish caught maybe from the same boat.
Question from B On Hawaii: + caught from the same ocean! why? quality, you think, or time in a refrigerated case? do tell.

Thanks @bonhawaii I was hoping someone would ask these questions.
Why? first for sashimi grade, fat content, from the skin up: measure one, two, three fingers.
Watery is bad. Color (less red means more fat, dark red is not the best). Freshness, time in the ice, how deep the ahi has been caught, temperature of the water, maturity, where the fish has been caught etc…one hundred reasons the range of the price in the Honolulu market can be from $3.00 to $35.00/pound.


Flounder alert: Last five nights to enjoy this Chef Mavro signature recipe

June 16, 2009

With the new Summer Menu starting next week, food and wine lovers are looking forward but some have trouble letting go of their favorites. Even our wine steward is taking a night off to dine in the restaurant. “I just have to enjoy that flounder once more. It’s my all-time favorite recipe.” The funny thing is that he hates broccoli and curry!
Chef Mavro’s Crispy Fillet of Flounder, rice flake crust, braised green papaya, broccoli florettes, house tamarind curry.Chef Mavro popular flounder recipe


Honolulu Fish Auction with Chef Mavro KGMB9 TV

May 12, 2009

Interested in a quick look inside the Honolulu Fish Auction? Also Chef Mavro demos his popular appetizer Marinated Hebi, American Caviar.
Video from KGMB9 TV May 12, 2009

Chef Mavro, KGMB9's Ramsay Wharton, and Brooks Takenaka, gm, UFA

Chef Mavro, KGMB9's Ramsay Wharton, and Brooks Takenaka, gm, UFA